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(German version / deutsches editiertes Interview hier: Interview Elham Eidarous).

On January 14th, 2014, the first day of the constitutional referendum, I met Elham Eidarous for an interview about the situation of the political left in Egypt. In November 2013, Elham had left the “Socialist Popular Alliance” – together with around 300 members – in order to start the “Bread and Freedom party”. The party now needs 5.000 founding members to register officially.

I first asked her about the Socialist Popular Alliance which she co-founded in spring 2011.


What were problems within the party? (30th of June – the first day of mass protests against Morsi)

After Morsi was ousted by the military, what was the party’s position?

What did then lead to your withdrawal from the party? (Here, sweet Younes comes into the recordings with his own baby language and his playing with a telephone)

I prefer

Can you give an example of how the “war on terrorism” showed itself? (Raba’: main sit-in of the Muslimbrotherhood in summer 2013, in the Cairo neighborhood of Nasser City)

It was tragic to see how polarized the society became in the summer in 2013. Initially, there didn’t seem to be a third position, opposing both the Muslimbrotherhood and the military, at all!

monsantElham recalls an episode in Mansoura where a young human rights lawyer explained why he “prefers military fascism”.

But Elham objected my impression that there are still very few people taking up a third position.


I wanted to know more about the new “Bread and Freedom Party”.

The party’s name refers to two of the main revolutionary claims.


I wanted to know about the party’s position regarding the constitutional referendum – Elham explains the decision to anul their votes.

Could you describe the current political situation as similar to the one before Mubarak’s ousting in 2011?


Looking back, do you think an opportunity was missed to establish a revolutionary government coming out of Tahrir Square in 2011?

Is Egypt in danger of actually becoming a military fascist state?


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