Hyperlocal Constitution Writing – “My Neighbourhood”

All politics is local”

One phenomenon which I found striking during my last stay in Cairo was the emergence of different independent initiatives, projects or enterprises that aim at building structures from a very local level and at establishing actual sustainability – thus functioning outside of international funding schemes.

One exciting example is the hyperlocal newspaper “Mantiqti El-Borsa(“My neighbourhood The Borsa”) by EMDP (Egyptian Media Development Program). It is exciting because it seems to go against the tide by 1) being hyperlocal instead of (inter)national and b) being a print product instead of a digital one.


The tag line for the first issue is “Al Borsa bititkallim” – “The Borsa is speaking”

I interviewed Tarek Atia, EMDP’s director, just when the first issue of Mantiqti Al-Borsa was in print.

So, what is “Mantiqti Al-Borsa”?

What is the idea behind Mantiqti Al-Borsa?

Why did you start with the Borsa neighbourhood?

Why did you decide to actually make a newspaper instead of a website?

2013-04-17 19.10.39

The Borsa during D-CAF (Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival) in April 2013.

How do you help build a local community?

What is the map in the first issue all about?

For example: the headquarter of the Egyptian radio is in the Borsa (the nerdy radio enthusiast I am is going wild about these news…)

What else is important in the first issue?

10.000 copies of “Mantiqti Al-Borsa” are distributed in the Borsa cafés, dedicated newspaper stands and hand distributed to all residents and business like the banks and stock exchange in the Borsa. In December 2013, issue number 7 was published.

“Discover your neighbourhood”2012-01-26 14.05.05

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